Laney can swim in the deep pool now!

So proud of my eldest. She can now dive and swim in the deep end of the deep pool.

I first took her to swimming lessons when she was 5. She went twice then begged the night before the third lesson for us not to take her to any more swimming lessons. We left it at that.

She was taken out of school to be home edded when she was 8. After a beach holiday we spent that summer in Spain, she came back to England asking us if we could put her back into swimming lessons again. This time, she really wanted to learn. I’m not sure what really triggered it. The beach perhaps, the beautiful water? The sight of kids her age splashing about in water confidently? Whatever it was, she has really come through.

She started lessons that autumn at a local pool and progressed steadily. She showed courage and a willingness to learn.

And now, she can swim. Its just a matter of perfecting the technique, learning other strokes, etc. And she absolutely loves swimming and being in the water.


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