Knitting times

My eldest (she’s 9) has taken to knitting like a storm. Okay she actually learnt it nearly 2 years ago when our home-edding style was very Waldorf-inspired. I taught her to knit, sew, do handwork… Handwork is a very crucial component of Steiner/Waldorf education. So back then we did a lot of that.

Since then we have alternated between unschooling and relaxed home-edding and she hasn’t touched any needlework much since.

Here’s what I think started the recent foray into knitting again. Two words. Jean Greenhowe. If you Google her name you’ll see lots of knitted creations, done after following one of her cute creative patterns.

You see, my daughter wanted to knit up some toy food after walking past the Moon and Pea Deli counter near us. They always have these lovely colourful knitted baked goodies like cupcakes and donuts on display in their shop window. My daughter wanted to knit up similar items and we found out that Jean Greenhowe is the person you should be looking for if you want cute, easy patterns for knitted food.

Her patterns are really easy to follow. They only require the ability to knit in garter and stocking stitch. Best of all, many of her patterns are available free to download and print online. So we downloaded her patterns and my daughter got started straight away.

And after knitting up a few things from Jean Greenhowe’s free patterns, she now has the confidence to knit up random objects purely from her own imagination! I think it’s really cool that she’s progressed on to this stage.

Now I often see her knitting away at some project in the hour before bed every night. I bought a large bag of DK wool oddments from Ebay years ago and never really used them much. Now she uses the oddments to knit up her own pet projects. There’s also a generous element to this as well, as she hardly knits for herself, but rather gives her creations away.

I am proud of her 🙂

Here are some of her own creations – not by following any patterns.

This is a small drawstring pouch with some of her embroidery on it..


This below is a small stripy basket she made up. Meant to contain 1 Jean Greenhowe pattern’s “chocolate cookie” exactly.



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