Anyone know how I can get hold of a CHEAP cat skeleton model??

My daughter Anni wants one.

P.S. she is crazy about cats and has been asking me to let her watch “Animal 24:7” everyday, and already owns a children’s book on the anatomy of human body, asks lots of questions about how different parts of the body works… so just so you know, this does not seem to be a passing phase.

Now as far as being an unschooler, I feel I have tried my best so far in supplying her with the stuff she needs to further her fascination with anatomy and such. I find books, toys, TV shows, anything that aligns with her interests.

But now I am truly stumped. All the cat skeleton models I’ve Googled up seem to be for vet schools and cost in excess of around £100 to £500. Which I truly cannot justify spending at the moment.

But if anyone knows somewhere I can get hold of a cheap cat skeleton model that will cost less than £20 preferably, please drop me a line here.


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