Art, fashion and the wonders of online shopping

My eldest daughter has always been interested in Art more than anything else. Since she was little, she was always drawing and writing loads on her own. Yup. All I had to do was make sure I left plenty of scratch paper around the house with an ample supply of colouring pencils, pens, crayons and the like, and she would just pick up the materials on her own after coming home from school (when she used to go to school) or on a lazy weekend. And she would start churning out sheet after sheet of her work.

And what was I to do with all that stuff!!? That was a particular headache. After all we live in really tiny accommodation, we can’t really afford to hoard stuff or keep everything for memory’s sake. So one way I used to get around that was to take photos of my children’s completed artworks so that if they did end up in the bin one day, it would still be preserved in the form of a photograph.

Recently she developed a taste for fashion. She never was that interested in fashion. Not until she started playing Stardoll on the Internet, and on the Nintendo DS’s Style Boutique that is. She used to spend hours on those two games – not anymore these days. No doubt, these games had introduced fashion design to her in a fun way which she appreciated (on the other hand, real life somehow never did… which is just one of life’s ironies I guess). And ever since then, the fashion bug bit, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

I have tried to find ways to support her interest in all things art and fashion. Taking her to museums, buying books for her, doing stuff with her… I even used an Art Curriculum by Mona Brooks a few months ago to try and teach her how to draw more realistic, still life drawings. She absolutely loved every aspect of the short course (which took me about 2 to 3 months to complete as we did it once a week). Finished every assignment happily.

My other daughter who was 5 at the time (she is now 6) however, wasn’t able to focus as well on the course and voluntarily “dropped out” within a few weeks! This is not to say she hates drawing or art. She loves it, and like her older sis, she too would spend ages drawing and writing her own stuff on days when she wanted to! But I think she is not ready for formal instruction even in a subject she loves. I am glad she can be homeschooled because it gives her the time and flexibility to dip in and out of subjects as and when she feels ready.

Well I bought my eldest a new book – Fashion Design Workshop by Samantha Rei– on Amazon a few days ago and it arrived today.

I saw her chilling out on her bed flipping through the pages of the book and studying the ideas in it at bed time. She told me she loves the book, just what she wanted. And yes it was her who told me a week ago she would like this book – and we just happened to be surfing on Amazon’s site looking for activity/doodling/puzzle books to buy to keep her entertained during our London trip.. I think this book must have appeared in the “Customers who bought this item also bought…” section somewhere because we were not explicitly searching for a fashion design book aimed at kids in their early adolescence. We weren’t even aware such a book existed. Well, now we do.

The wonders of online shopping eh??


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