Teach dental hygiene, yes. But ultimately, the dentist is your best friend!

What do you do with a 10 yr old child who refuses to brush her teeth properly?

Well, nothing. Almost nothing, anyway.

After years of reminding her to do so falling on deaf ears, I decided to just shut up this year and book regular 6 mth checks with the dentist instead.

Tomorrow my eldest is going in for some dental work to fix her teeth. She was a bit freaked out when the dentist said at the last dental check 3 weeks ago that there is a hole in her back tooth and lots of brown plaque build up behind her front bottom teeth. Obviously she just never believed what I told her about dental hygiene! But now she does. The dentist said he needs to see her again (which is tomorrow) to get her teeth sorted before it gets worse.

When we returned home, I also jumped on the opportunity to show her some yucky pics on Google of rotting teeth. She was right grossed out. And refuses to eat so many sweets and brushes her teeth more thoroughly now.

Job done! 🙂


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