Popcorn necklaces


It’s really quite simple.

Put some popping corn into a large metal pan with some oil at the bottom. Close lid over pan securely. Turn the hob on, and wait for the popping sounds to begin.

After the sounds die down, pick out a small portion of the popcorn for the project.

Thread coloured thread through a needle (I let my 6 year old daughter pick the colour of her choice), and then just start threading the needle through each popcorn morsel.

This kept my daughter engrossed and busy for a good 20 to 30 minutes. Oh and it was a bit tricky in the beginning for her to get the hang of not piercing her finger with the needle, not crumbling the popcorn pieces and holding them gently yet firmly. All worth it in the end. Good, clean fun!

She made 2 necklaces of her own accord. One for herself and one for her older sis, before she tired of it. 🙂


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