“Pupe” the dog

My 6 yr old daughter is really into Minecraft. It’s an online game and you only have to pay once for it. I got it on a discount through the local Home Ed group, so it came up to nearly half the usual price, which is a good bargain. My 2 daughters aged 6 and 10 play it a lot. They’ve made friends on the game, learnt how to share resources, collaborate with other players on tasks, etc. My 6 year old, despite her limited reading and spelling skills, has even managed to communicate and do things with other players on the game. Which I think is remarkable.

Minecraft is a game that’s kind of like Lego. You can build lots of things in it with blocks. But you can also add people as well as a variety of animals. If you play in “Creative” mode, it will be like Lego except with an even wider scope. You get to construct whatever buildings you want, or a farm, a train track, a scenery, whatever takes your fancy. You essentially create your own world. All these unlimited Lego-like “blocks” available to you to use are computer animated, so you can, for example, use Water blocks to build a body of water such as a lake, or a stream, or river. After you build it, the body of water will move just like water does. It can also be played as a strategy game in “survival” mode where you have to hunt for food. In either modes, you can have other Minecraft players join you in your created world – or vice versa – by either using your LAN (Local Area Network) or setting up your own server at home (it’s not that difficult and the information is all out there to Google up and lots of videos on Youtube teaching you how to do this).

It’s very open-ended. You can do what you want with it.

So anyway, today my daughter told me she had created a pet dog in her Minecraft world. The dog’s really cute. It follows her around sometimes, jumps, yelps, does things on its own without you needing to control it. Basically it’s a bit like a Nintendog with a (computerised) mind of it’s own.

She’s chosen a pet dog this time (and is free to change her mind later if she wants, or even, God forbid (!) “kill” the dog) but really, in Minecraft, you can have unlimited animals as pets or as animals in a farm or setting, whatever you want. There are other animals like Ocelots, Pigs, Sheep, etc. that can be used in the game.

Now here’s the funny bit. She proudly announced to the whole family that she’s named her new pet dog “Pupe”. Yes, really. I had to ask her twice for the spelling just to confirm. And she pronounced it as “PEE-YOU-P”… so you know it wasn’t a spelling error. She really meant it to be like that.

I was a little bewildered by this choice of word, but accepted that was just her choice. It just reminds me of “pube” though. LOL! Had to giggle silently in my head after I heard it. Kids, eh? 😀

On another note, I’d just like to share a quote of the day which I thought was brilliant (first time I heard of it today) :

‎”To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard


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