My eldest is 10. She had showed an interest in cooking/baking since about a year ago, so I bought a big children’s cookbook for her last Christmas and she pores through it often, chooses recipes she wants to try, then we source the ingredients for her and then allow her to follow the instructions herself, only stepping in to help when she is unable to follow through. This builds up her confidence working in the kitchen. One cool offshoot about her interest in cooking and her budding confidence in it is well… She fries her own egg every morning for breakfast, and she even does it for her little siblings! She then makes her own toast, and I normally encourage my 6 yr old daughter to prepare her own toast as well. Which she does. And when my son is a little bit older, I’d also encourage him to learn to make his own toast as well. These are all basic life skills which I believe everyone should learn from young. I had a very different childhood where my mum forbade me to use the kitchen (odd as it sounds, its true) and I never learned to cook a decent thing until I became a mother at 24 and decided to learn to cook on my own so I can eat healthier (rather than rely on takeouts). A little too late I think. I had been relying on takeouts for years and had ill health because of that. It’s a good thing my daughter finds cooking so interesting. Makes it easy to teach 🙂






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