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We’re planning a trip to London this June to see friends as well as go to our favourite Natural History Museum for a walk. There is now a brand new Butterfly House built next to the Natural History Museum. Still a part of it, but it’s like a separate enclosure. Buy tickets to get in, and it’s like an enclosure full of live butterflies living there fluttering around wherever they want to go. It’s gonna be fun. My girls have been to butterfly houses in North Wales and in the London Zoo and they always loved going to butterfly houses.

I was showing the girls a clip of the new Butterfly House at the Natural History Museum to gauge their level of interest. They were raring to go, so I suppose I will have to find time to buy tickets later. I then clicked on another ongoing exhibition video clip link on top of the butterfly house one. It was about the Extinction exhibition at the Natural History Museum. The clip was only 2 minutes long but boy did it spark a whole 20 minute conversation!

I was explaining to them as the video went along, on what the video was saying. They seemed fascinated to see the different now-extinct animals on display like the Dodo bird and to learn that these animals used to be around, but have completely died out now.

Of interest also, were the human skulls and the human-like skulls of the Neanderthals on display in the video. My 6 year old Anni has a fascination for bones and anatomy. When I told my kids those are not human but a form of human-like creatures that used to live alongside us humans many many years ago on Earth, but they too died out, my kids were fascinated.

The video ended after 2 minutes, and they wanted to know more. Like how did the Neanderthals look like. So I went with it and started Googling up “neanderthal”. I found this nice BBC site on Neanderthals. There was a picture of a reconstruction of a Neanderthal man’s appearance when he was alive… and 2 short video clips about them not lasting more than 2 minutes each. So as I went along, we talked about how back in the prehistoric days, North Wales looked very different from today. My kids know quite a bit about North Wales, as we go there for holiday trips frequently since we live within 2 hours’ drive. They found it interesting that, as one of the videos mentioned, back then North Wales wasn’t as green as it is now, and it was much warmer and wetter, with rhinoceros, bears and other big animals walking around living in the same place as the Neanderthals, who lived in a cave. This is another fascinating piece of information for them – that in prehistoric days, Neanderthals did not build houses and live in them because they didn’t know how. They lived in caves – caves are nature’s ready-made “houses” for living things.

And then afterwards, it was time for bed. 10.40 pm… Oh yes, we do sleep late. That’s because we can. Because we don’t have to wake up early for school!


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3 thoughts on “Unschooling life

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and I love your links. It’s really fascinating (I’m a bit of an archaeology nerd)!

      Well I hope we have the opportunity to live in the Middle East some time in the future. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel a lot whilst we are home educating.

      Good luck and I hope you enjoy the journey 🙂

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