Tomorrow I’m gonna have to call the ballet school to tell them my son won’t be returning. Yep. He started off doing ballet some time this year, and he enjoyed it initially. Looked so cute in his boy leotard and all… but alas, the teacher he liked left suddenly, which seems to be a recurring theme in the past year or two with this dancing school (along with other issues, which I suspect is down to poor management).

When the new term started in September with a new teacher, things just didn’t feel right from the start. She was a stern older lady who shouted at the kids and demanded they stood in neat little rows and kept quiet at all times. Not a fun teacher at all. She was critical and sharp. I know because she taught one of my daughters before (though my daughter got by without problems because she was one of the stronger students in class, so hardly received any hassle from that teacher).

My son didn’t even have to attend a single class of her’s to know he didn’t like her style. In fact, within he first 10 minutes of seeing her, he decided that he did not want to join the class. He simply said to my husband, firmly, that he is not going into the studio. My husband tried to persuade him to give it a go, but he wouldn’t have it, and was getting quite worked up about it.

So we left it there and decided maybe we’ll try taking him the following weeks. Well he said the same each week. He doesn’t want to go. If there is one thing I can tell you about my son, it is that once he’s set on something, that’s it. So we just had to leave it at that. Anyway, we felt that the ballet had served it’s purpose. We initially sent him there because he was pretty clumsy before, but after a month or two of ballet, the improvements in his sense of balance and his gait were pretty remarkable.

His decision to quit turned out to be quite timely, as my husband then found out about a new rugby class for young children my son’s age, starting at a venue near us. Well it’s sort of near, I guess. A 40-minute drive away. Previously the nearest rugby class for such young children was even further than that, which was why we didn’t go. There *is* a rugby club just 10 mins drive away from our place but it is only for older children and adults, so not an option for us until the kids are older.

Being an ex-rugby player back in primary and secondary school, and then a rugby enthusiast as an adult (as any self-respecting Afrikaner would be), it has always been my husband’s wish to introduce his children to the joys of rugby. I’d even hazard a guess he secretly wishes at least one of his children become pros! So he asked the kids if any of them would like to go to rugby classes, and my middle child and my son both said yes. Now I had never expected my middle child – my younger daughter – to express an interest in rugby, but she did. Good!

Anyway, in this class, they are just teaching the kids the basics, like kicking the ball over, catching the ball, a teeny bit of contact… it’s nowhere near the full-on contact you see when you watch the older children and adults play “proper” rugby.

He enrolled them and started taking them to rugby lessons every week since the beginning of September. Turned out to be a success so far. They are eager to go to rugby class every weekend and don’t seem anywhere near wanting to quit.

So from ballet, to rugby within a year… we don’t mind as long as the kids are enjoying their activities. It’d be pointless otherwise if they didn’t. Welcome to the typical life of a home educating family 🙂



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