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Dr. Gordon Neufeld- What Makes a Child Easy to Pa…:

“The key to the ease of parenting and the context of parenting is the love of a child for the parent. To put it as simply as I could, the child must be in right relationship with the parent, for the parent to be able to do the job and to provide the context for parenting.”

I’ve heard some (luckily not all) parent friends of mine moan constantly about how hard it is to parent. I don’t know. My kids are pretty good with me you know. They just don’t disobey me. In homeschooling, if I suggest my kids try something, they always try what I suggest. Of course if something doesn’t seem to be working with them, I’d be concerned enough to look at the reasons why things aren’t going well. Change things up if necessary. Being responsive to them is the trick but is it really that hard to do?

I’ve had people ask me what do I do if my kids don’t wish to do work set for them. Well first of all I don’t “set” work for them that isn’t suitable for them. Suitability is also dependent on their interest on the piece of work, as well as their skill level. So I will never find myself making my kids do work they hate. And so I just don’t have the problem of having kids who “don’t want” to do work. Or don’t want to homeschool.

I attachment-parented all my kids. My eldest one I started a little later, when she was a tot, but my other two practically from birth. I know them very very well. I spend a lot of time with them. It was hard work when they were babies but it pays off in the end. The result? “Easy kids”.


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