Our Copic marker collection


Our Copic marker collection. I was introduced to this brand of marker when I did Graphic Design at college a looong time ago.

Now that all my kids aren’t so little, I let them use these. The refills probably will last forever until they are grown up! And the pen nibs are replaceable. Never have to throw used markers away again. And there are 213 from the Copic colour range to choose from – we only bought 36. Seems a lot but not really. And we can always update our collection with new colours if we want.

Only problem is… These inks don’t wash off anything! They are alcohol-based permanent markers. You could use Copic cleaner or similar chemicals to rubbing alcohol to clean off stains but otherwise, I remind my kids to be careful when using them. Luckily we have a table which my husband “upcycled” which we don’t mind them dirtying with paints.

I love these markers. Their colours are beautiful.


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