Identity theft

Well yes, that actually happened. I wouldn’t even have known about it if that person did not try to link back to my Gallery page and I received a Pingback about it on my WordPress email notifications. I clicked on the link on the email to his page and found my Toucan Box Review there completely cut and pasted on that website, with the photos of my kids on the original blog post included. It made me quite mad at first. I just thought “How dare they?” straight away. I went Googling and found out some tips about dealing with internet piracy and learnt a few things along the way.

Let’s just say that prior to this happening, I had never, ever considered this would happen. I suppose I should have, but I was not precious about my work. Or at least I thought I wasn’t.The level of anger I felt after this recent experience was quite unexpected.

I went to the site at simplyreviewed[dot]co[dot]uk. Appears to be a fake review site and there seemed to be other copied and pasted entries there. The site author did not leave contact details, so I could not write to him/her demanding payment for me for using my material this way. I then went straight to his site and left a remark telling him that was copyrighted material and it must be taken down immediately. I also filed a DCMA complaint with Google at the same time. I also set up all sorts of things on my blog. You may have noticed that there are now visible copyright notices on my blog – yep I put them in. Not that it is actually necessary to do this to be protected from copyright infringes though, but I put it there just to let people know that I do know the law surrounding copyrights to internet content and I will pursue action on anyone who uses my material in a way I don’t like. It’s not a free-for-all despite the open nature of the internet.

Copyright Notice
This website and its content is copyright of – © 2012. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited except with the Author’s express written permission. The Author may be initially contacted by email via the webform on the “About” page here : /about/

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