Nonviolent Communication Workshop #1

I heard about Non-Violent Communication (NVC) quite a while back via homeschooling groups and especially unschooling groups. There are always some NVC-practicing parents on unschooling groups. Never really looked into it. I thought the title spoke for itself and after reading so much on unschooling, I thought that NVC was probably quite similar to unschooling in lots of ways, and since I am often pressed for time, I just relegated that to the back of the list.

Now I’m at a self-improvement phase – I feel I can finally – as my eldest daughter is now educated most of the time at online high school, so that frees up some time to myself, and someone posted this video on a group I belonged to. As it was a person I liked a lot, and felt I could learn a lot from, and I had about half an hour of free time, I watched this video. I was surprised to be so engrossed by the speaker’s words. Well, my half hour is almost up and I have to go to bed now, but I am going to watch the rest of the video later. I’ve learnt some things from this and realised NVC was more than what I used to think it was.

I think this might appeal to some of you, so I’m posting this up here.


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