Math Mammoth – Save up to 50% for Homeschoolers – Homeschool Buyers Co-op

This is such a good deal. We’ve decided to use Math Mammoth this coming school year (from Sept 2015) instead of MEP (which my 2 little ones dislike). With this offer, we can get up to 40% discount off the ENTIRE Light Blue series package – from Kindy to Grade 7!). That means each year’s complete Maths curriculum for each child only comes up to about £10 per kid. That is cheap. And there are so many things I love about Math Mammoth. The self-teaching nature of the curriculum for kids who are capable of reading instructions, the Singapore Maths-like Mastery Maths approach to Maths learning (so very effective), and the gentle pace of learning, which is better for my children. They get disheartened if the Maths curriculum involves too much working on tricky questions, which MEP is good for.

I recently came across this very helpful podcast of a BBC radio show where they interviewed Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler of Stanford University. They were talking about why some kids hate too much challenge in Maths, and some kids thrive on Math challenges. I think my kids do fall in the first category.

They offer tips to help your kids develop the kind of mindset that thrives rather than shrinks from challenges. It will take a while to start implementing these changes and to see the effects.

But for now, I won’t be doing MEP Primary with my 2 little ones anytime soon. Since we will be starting Maths in 2 weeks, when other kids return to school, I will choose Math Mammoth which is more suitable for kids like them who would do better with a gentler, incremental curriculum that wouldn’t tax them too much in one lesson figuring out tricky questions that span across many topics.


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