Good site for learning introductory Psychology

My eldest had a look at BBC Bitesize’s Psychology GCSE material before and said it was interesting. So that’s a possible subject she might take in future. Who knows?
I’ve been doing a really cheap Child Psychology “course” – well it markets itself as a course but really it’s just a rather crappy reproduction of some online material and textbooks. The English in the course material is rather bad actually. Either they had someone in who is not very fluent in English to write it or they just copied and pasted material from online or from textbooks without doing any proofreading! Anyway, I came across a chapter which is incredibly bad tense-wise, grammar-wise, everything. So I went to trusty Google to Google up anything that can help me understand the Gibson and Walker Depth Perception experiment. I thus stumbled upon this AP Psychology website, written by an actual AP Psychology teacher called Heath Kaplan who teaches in a high school in New York called Harrison High. Actually why did I even bother to find out all that? Because his material is FUNNY! And really one of a kind! Very informative, but so hilarious. I was even a titch jealous when I found out he’s an actual high school teacher. And for Psychology. I wish I was allowed to take Psychology GCSE in high school (my high school just didn’t do that subject unfortunately) and I wish I had a teacher like Heath!

But anyway I thought it would be nice to share his AP Psychology website here

It has a lot of introductory information about Psychology. He really makes it interesting and funny. I think I will probably get my daughter reading his website and then she can gauge her interest in the subject and see if she wants to take it further. But seriously, I read it for fun!


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