The Secret World of Codes and Code Breaking : – BLETCHLEY PARK TRIP RESOURCE

I thought this would be a great resource for anyone considering taking their children to Bletchley Park. We’re planning a trip to Bletchley Park soon and my kids know nothing about code-breaking. I feel a visit to Bletchley Park would be much more enjoyable for the kids if they went there already knowing some of the background behind it. As a home educator, I would love for them to do some of the school workshops offered at Bletchley Park, which groups of home educators are eligible to arrange as “school groups”.  It’s a fantastic opportunity. 

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be posting more links to resources that I think might be of use to introducing children to wartime code-breaking which could be related to Bletchley Park. If you’re interested in all these links, feel free to click on the tag at the bottom of this post labelled “Bletchley Park”.