These are some links which I myself have found useful in the past or am still using currently.

Education Otherwise
About homeschooling (or “home education”, as they call it in the UK) laws and regulations in the UK.

Ambleside Online curriculum
Ambleside is a Charlotte Mason-inspired approach to homeschooling. Free resources and curriculum.

Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum
Simply Charlotte Mason is another Charlotte Mason-inspired approach to homeschooling. Free resources and curriculum.

The Well-Trained Mind curriculum
The Well-Trained Mind is a home education curriculum for those who are interested in providing their children with a classical education, with a strong focus on language arts and logic.

Sandra Dodd’s Unschooling forums and

The Well-Trained Mind forums
This forum is great if you are researching different curricula for home education.

Donna Young’s Penmanship resources
A plethora of pre-handwriting and handwriting practice worksheets and special handwriting paper available on this site, all of them free to download and use as needed.

Grammar Monster
An educational website focusing on English grammar, with extensive resources and a forum.

Primary Resources
Big directory of free downloadable teaching resources like worksheets, Powerpoint presentations, etc. Organised by subject, topic and in accordance with UK state school educational stages.

TES teaching resources
TES is a large online global network of teachers, and their teaching resources site contains a lot of free downloadable teaching resources, organised by state school educational stages, subjects and topics.

Conquer Maths
A subscription-based online Maths tutor for all school ages.

Reading Eggs
A subscription-based online reading programme for preschool and primary school children.

Toucan Box
A monthly subscription-based service which delivers uniquely-themed craft projects (materials included) to our home.

A subscription-based science resource that provides downloadable science experiment projects for school, after-school clubs and home educators.

A large library of fun, educational printable resources for Primary school-aged children. Free and paid.

Christian Homeschool curriculum

50 Free Online English Literature Courses
Get free Literature courses online from the world’s leading universities. You can download these audio & video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player.

Poisson Rouge
A very unique musical and artistic online games site for young children.

GIMP free picture-editing software
I needed an image-editing software at times, but wasn’t prepared to pay for Adobe Photoshop for the few times I needed to use something like that. I’m so glad I found GIMP! Well it is not like Photoshop at all in terms of the interface and the feel, but I figured out how to use it pretty easily, having had some experience in using Photoshop. It does everything I need it for.

Open Office
A free-to-use Office software for document creation, etc. Similar to Microsoft Office, but free!

Princess and the Rock
My ex-high school friend is now also a homeschooling mum. Do pay her blog a visit.

Time To Move (BBC Learning)
Fun BBC podcasts lasting around 20 mins each, for guided dance and movement sessions with 6 to 8 year olds.


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